About Us

Parichay Foundation is a philanthropic organisation engaged in promoting Indian art and culture and bringing about economic and social upliftment for underprivileged in urban and rural slums of Odisha and Delhi. It has been felicitated by the President of India and recognised by the United Nations for its outstanding work.

Established on November 27, 2007, Parichay Foundation has been silently taking small steps to create a difference in the lives of women and children from underprivileged sections of the society, providing them value education, better medical facilities and most important, a platform to prove their abilities and empower themselves. Parichay is currently celebrating a journey of 10 years but in the words of its founder president, Smt Rosalin Patsani Mishra, “The journey has just begun and there is a long way to go.”

Till now, Parichay Foundation has sustained its identity through its relentless work without the support of government or foreign funding. And, in the future too, the foundation plans to continue its campaign to change the lives of girls and women living in slums for the better, through its projects. The foundation is looking forward to partner with companies under their CSR activities and is also looking forward to associate with benevolent donors to carry forward it projects and make a positive difference.

With the unconditional support of dedicated members, volunteers and well-wishers, the foundation is confident to touch more lives and empower more women in the days to come.